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AAC is acronym for Americal Authentic Collectibles. Created with a specific thought in mind. To give homage to those young men I had the honor of serving with,  during  the Viet Nam Conflict, a significant time in my life. We were very young and immature when called upon to serve and protect those oppressed by tyranny. Against people who were unable of defending themselves. In that struggle on the other side of the world. Barely out of their teens, young innocent men and women, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers and friends. served our nation by trying to  conquer the right to live free. For an ailing country falling under oppression of a neighboring dictatorship.  Many, many lives were sacrificed for others rights to live free. So with that thought in mind, I salute those we lost on the battlefield. Along with those who still carry the image of those days of yesteryear.  May God forgive us and Bless us all, for our right to nurture the innocent. Only God knows the true nature of our plight. Spc4 Eloy H. Tamez

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10% discount to All Veterans of all campaigns til present. Just text to 832-229-6013 a copy of your VA / ID or copy of DD214. Don't worry its confidental or if your like just black out parts you don't care to share. Just need to see evidence of service connection. Name Unit Rank ect. like the DD214 on form. Thanks. have to have conformation to give discount.

Hello my name is Eloy H Tamez and I am the owner of a new New Online Store in a small community in Central Southeast Texas. I was raised and attended school in The Height area of Houston Texas. Since my retirement in 2010 I've been looking for my interest in something meaningful.  I have always had a passion for vintage memorabilia. So years back I started my collection, by buying antiques.  I began collecting any and all things I found interesting. Now it's time and my desire to present Vintage Star Wars Toys. Also New Star Wars Toys for sale to those of you who love Star Wars trivia.  I have been a fan of the original days of Star Wars since it's debut. However New Star War Toys are on hand too. A long with other popular collectibles. Ranging from Funko pops, avengers, superman,  batman, deadpool, and many many more. Pokemon, sports memorabilia, Morgan silver dollars to foreign coins. Bullion rounds from Canada British , Chinese etc. If you find something you like on my site I will do all I can, to present affordable prices we both can live with. If at all possible. So don't be shy and make an offer if you wish. Can't promise but I'll try to oblige.  Price must be agreed on, before I will meet with you. No Haggling on site. don't want to waste your gas and time or mine either. Doesn't hurt to ask, all I can do is decline. For local transactions please understand I have to collect taxes. I accept Paypal. Credit is fine but I will have to add 3% fee. Besides cash is better. I'll be happy to meet with you in a public place for security. I will do my personal best to make sure you will receive your product within a timely and proficient manner. For those of you who buy from AAC ( AACollectables). I pledge to donate 5% of total purchase, or if you buy multiple items over 4, I will pledge 10% to a local charity. However being as how we are almost a years end. I will post at the end of 2018, Today is the beginning of a commitment, to contribute to a local charity for AACollectables and it's patrons. This is a new business I am launching off as of this month online. I promise to contribute 100% of all my customers annual donations. I also will post for all to see the total amount collected. So please when you buy, you can also feel good about contributing towards a worth cause. Contribution amount will be given to a Charity (to be determined later). Thank you for your support and your donations, to help get this new venture off the ground. please do not send money. your contributions will be donate from your purchases. Thanks for your support. Please also help by liking and share my website to your friends and ask them to share.  AAC feel free to text me at 832-229-6013., or email me at eloytamez@godaddy.com


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